Erection of the Mind – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 8.35.43 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Don’t cry
These lies are haunted in this life I lead
An erection of the mind
The philosophy of the inside
An awakening still above the water that holds me up right
I miss you as I hold you tight

Don’t laugh
Goodbye all you ghosts that handcuffed me for so long
Free to clip these wings and fly
A disturbing innocence awaits

Lipstick so red
I’m finally alive; no longer dead
Tasting this life dripping down my throat
Uncontrolled raw flesh
So fast
So still
A shooting star dwindled away
A rebirth
You and I, the dreamers

Shower the wounds
Blood on the shower floor
Draining away the corruption
Gangsters of the heart
Lick away the darkness

Open my eyes to the dream I will finally live
To return back home
To the comfort of the roam

The trip has only just begun
A rainbow of hallucinations masquerading as clarity
You and I, the pioneers of the unknown

Kiss the place
Get back; get back; get back to move forward

Reach out
Reach out
Touch; touch; touch
No we feel
Oh yes
We so missed the tingle

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