Fade to Black – Original Poem



By Mark A. Leon

I’m on the edge looking down on the water below a cloud brushes my weakened heart
On top of the world and never feeling so low
A spectrum of love now a faded rainbow
Fade to black

The deep waters are calling
A new home
Permanent, safe, breathless

Look behind for that happy ending rescue
A hero from the past
No one is there
No one knows
No one listened
A silence echoes in the hallowed air

A roar from the crashing waves
Eager to invite

What will be my last thought?
The last lyrics playing in this head

Will this journey down lead me up or is the good book a well-crafted set of lies?

Clear the mind
Clear the mechanism

Bow down to the ones who hold this fate
Pray for the life that we deserve

It’s too late
I never knew a future when I always feared the fate
The end clouded these dreams
Dream of promise; hope; desires
Now all is erased

An empty page
No legacy in words
No final chapter ending with happily ever after

Original Photo by Mark A. Leon





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