Dream Sequence – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 7.59.45 AM

By Mark A. Leon

All I ever wanted to be
The dream home, the perfect body, the loving partner
a world of carefree

Instant change
Omission of hate
Fade to black
Fade in an explosion of rainbow light for all the eye to see

Rain to instant rainbow
Desert to ocean
Reach for the stars and reach the infinite unknown path of discovery
Songs in harmony from the angels to the birds

Onset of pain, enter dream sequence
All out of love, enter dream sequence
Lost without direction, enter dream sequence

A happy world awaits

The first kiss
Intimate connection
The late nights with mom
Euphoric bliss
Unconditional happiness

Enter dream sequence

A perceptive change in the mindset of what we know and what we want
A shift in the cosmic playground of life
Sing it Louis, sing it loud
What a wonderful world

Is this a dream manifested from the subconscious void lost in a sea of doubt of the greatest of all realities?

Unstaged, unscripted
An Oscar winning performance that will bring you to the brink of emotional height

Yes, this is the pinnacle of all
A pathway to eternal happiness
High above the clouds
In flight
A cold breeze soaking the pores to a penetrating injection into the heart

Enter dream sequence
Where all is good
Just a sense of being
Pure and simple
Rich and satisfying

Careful not to wake

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