Slowly Drowning – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I am broken, I am brave
I am strong out
I am stubborn
At times betrayed

Swimming in place as the storm finds its way
Slowly drowning just waiting for the cleansing to make its way
Storms shower their laughter upon this guilt
Cover me, hold me, tell me there is another way

To rise above this dormant place
Not a final rest
Not a ghost
Not done with this place

Under water the breaths grow few
But hopes for light to shine on through

The rain is piercing through to this dark abyss
Like bullets shot through lighting guns igniting the fear

Mistakes stimulated as mental strikes
Propelling these tears I cannot hide
Regret the few; accept far less
When did we all transgress

I am sorry, I am told to say
To you, to I, to all the spies
We are watched, and mocked and sent to judge
A sinister game filled with lies, smut and lust

I knock on the this core of this deep dark wet wall
In hopes an answer on the other side will fall

To this I say to thee
I am broken, I am brave
Soon to see

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