Rock-A-Bye Soul – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I’m falling
I’m falling for you with each passing second, minute, breath, hour and year
I know you hear me in your dreams
The solitude of the nights open up the cathedral of your true feelings
An opera bellowing the chords and vocals of angels
A cathedral among the ruins

Fate brought our soul searching maps to the treasure, but burned the edge making it impossible to touch the prize

City streets were on fire with unspoken passion
Empty fields raced with the words of poets of yonder past
The first dance, the last kiss, the forever might have been
Beneath the sheets under the faintness of candlelight, we wrote our story
Maybe our story wrote us

Late nights alone, two stars in the crowded night sky
We told fables of lands of wonder
In the morning, we were still at sea

This fall left me broken, but the years have strengthened the resolve
Warm blood heating up this once empty fireplace
The place we once lay
Quiet nights
Us against the world
Nothing could stop us
Except us

Fate has giggled upon this romantic story filled with jagged edges and ill-fated roads

I have fallen in weakness and strength, richer or poorer until these dreams collide and create a reality of resting in your arms

This boat must now decide
Find its rock or forever wade in the sea of this endless lullaby

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