A Waking Dream – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

It’s hard to imagine a world without you

The laughter and tears
The love and unimaginable tears

It’s hard to say “was” when your presence is still so near

Forever beside me, a waking dream, lingering in the shadows

My friend and enemy, faith and doubt
Close to my insecurities, yet comforting in this anxiety
Always there, a patriarch in my journey
A trusted friend alone together hand in hand

Tell us the reason we keep searching for meaning
Will we recognize the unknown that has eluded us for all time?

In the sands of the ocean floor
The lost stars wandering millions of miles away and fingertips from connection

I’m the darkness with only a candle of hope to guide this wounded heart

There is so much more
So much more never seen or heard before
Reminders of yesteryear, but not yet formed in this earthly realm

A mind cluster with a light seasoning of sanity

There is dogma of rationale
A guiding set of principles filled with contradiction wrapped in the mask of faith

What is behind that mask? That faceless coward inconsistent and wild
Show yourself
Show yourself and all your scars

I didn’t think so
Blind ambition is so much more powerful
More controlling
It weakens the masses and you prey on this

The pawns move on, one square at a time until they find that sandy nap for eternal sunshine

A waking dream of imaginary glory
Sustainable unbelievable flight
High above the realm of reason
It’s where the magician takes a stranger and suspends reality for just a brief moment

It’s where I will find you once again

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