Angel Speaks – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Angels called to me in my solitude
In the darkness of my personal asylum I heard them call my name

Sweet as the morning dew
Tasting each motherly note dripping off their lips

They flew between the notes of the musical soundtrack of my life playing in the amphitheater of this empty soul

The prophets documented my life with a six-string and a pen
Now I listen to the memories as the angels hover easing into a life lesson

As I close my eyes and listen, it is now I realize I must be blind t see
And what a sight
A marvel for the ages
This age; this time; this moment
All the colors of the rainbow exploding in one magical moment exposing the true beauty of it all
Stretching the limits of existence with greens and blues

With a final chorus, silence and a blank stare she speaks

A love awakens inside

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