Restoring Hope Through Imagination – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 10.54.54 PM

By Mark A. Leon

An illusion
A conundrum
Creation, Life, Death, the mystery
The beginning of an eternal journey
An explosive thought with the power of light years and the presence of a grain of salt

It’s the magic we seek
The imagination to hold on a little longer
A youthful discretion
A silly lullaby

Rain feeds and sunlight dreams
How do we find our way back?
Restoring hope through imagination
The peace we seek
Through the memories both fond and fierce
Few but bold withstanding the test of time and the perils of humanity
It is the redemption of those thoughts we hold dear reminding all of us of a time that was right
A pure illumination safe guarded in this snow globe of powdery goodness

In pictures, video, letters and drawings, they rest on the mantel
Each revisit a new angle on an age old story
A perspective unleashed from the depths of a memory yearning

Somewhere over that rainbow, we still hope those dreams become our reality
It’s the impossible possibility
Somewhere between the imaginary frontier of childhood and the decay of responsibility we got lost in the grey

Oh the riches of simplicity
The wealth of love in a rainfall cleansing once again

To find that once again
To discover the map to happiness

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