The sound of everything – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The whisper of a child
The tears of the elderly
The laughter in between
The harmony of freedom
The silence of isolation
The crash when water and air collide
The quench of your lips on mine

The sound of everything

Screaming of the crowds
Music, dancing all moving at the speed of light
The love of life
Passion so loud, so clear, so poignant

Moments all loud
Reminders we are here

Broken sticks
Country roads

Pounding of pavement
City lights

The touch of the water
Rivers flowing deep

High in the clouds
Angels sing

The hand of God
Ice capped mountains
Peaks covered in snowy perfection

Tickle of sunflowers
Running through the fields

Warmth of the desert sand
Heating the blood in our veins

A gentle breeze caressing the skin

This is now
The sounds of being
The sounds of life
The sound of everything

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