Beauty Immortalized – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.34.49 AM

By Mark A Leon

Still holding on
Holding on
Holding on
Holding on to you

I feel your breath
Hear your words
Remember the time we were lost together but never apart
One heart beating as two
My happiness bled into your soul
Your happiness tickled my senses

The airiness of the comfort in your voice
The carefree whispers reminding me you were there
Unspoken words captured in the glance of an eye
Unsolicited kisses
Temporal view of it all, one layer at a time

Still holding on tightly to dance of memories
A memoir of you and I
The ultimate love story never told because it was our little secret

My greatest fan with no fanfare needed
An ally in the war for goodness

The kindness of a flower in a desert
The security of a blanket on a wintry night
The seamstress of a love song for all time

Shielded from the outside
Guarded in the womb
A place I loved to me

No forward
No backward
No tomorrow
Here is where I needed to be
Just be
Loving you is all I ever wanted to be

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