The Silent Disease – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 9.36.17 AM

By Mark A. Leon

Rivers of thought flowing with uncertainty surrounded by the waves of life
Maybe more certain than ever just barren of control

The devil goes by many names
Inflicts; exhumes; owns
Not with fire
No pits of despair
He penetrates the mind and destroys from within

The voices, the sadness the darkness of the mind
A spot growing inside
Undetectable by man or machine
No fanfare
Just a wicker flickering in silence as it fades to black

Put on the dress
Put on the suit
Wipe the dust
Insert the smile and say I do
Forever and for all eternity
The ring for the soul

Have a kid
Have another
Watch them grow
Pray they are another
Sit back as the illness feasts
A sunrise now
A sunset for peace

Time has passed
What is time?
a beginning now
But not the last

What are we fighting for
It don’t matter anymore
Break it down; scream it loud
Let it all go with a roar

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