Lights, Camera, Silence the Action – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 3.08.51 PM

By Mark A. Leon

We are all part of the collective narrative that is life. A blink, a glimmer, a speck in the eternal story that has no ending,

It is a tragic love story with twists and turns along the way

We are cast without audition; without training and without a guidebook on how are to get into the heart and mind of our character

The directors cues come with music, actions, moments of shock and simple plays of love

Make magic
Bring out the fireworks

Did we do it right?
Am I playing the part the way the audience expects?
Is the script right?
Or should I say nothing at all

I want to kiss my lead
She is so beautiful
So timid in her vulnerable sensitivity
I am in love, but I’m acting right?
This is staged
All of it
This isn’t true, but a masquerade

Life and art
Now the confusion sets in
Wait, this is love
This is true
The aches; the butterflies; the silly thoughts I have of you long after the lights have dimmed

I need you
Lights, camera, silence the action
Run away with me

Let them find another actor to live out the ruse
You and I under the vast blue sky
Alone; together
Endless possibility screams “Now or never”

Let’s defy the odds and create our own song
No more fears
No more tears
Just the presence of our hope and the clear view after we wipe away all the tears

Run, baby, run
Let’s never look back
It’s you and I
Lights, camera, love
My immortal

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