Runaway American Dreamer – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

They meant well
Did the best they could
Only led by the example of the past
Roll models rolling over

Now it’s time to run
To find a path of personal redemption; love; lust and hope

Numb to the egos
Cities on fire from the blood money igniting the flames
Robotic Love
Heroes hiding behind a camera
The faithful dying with no sign of faith
Change is a comedic punchline that has the audience in stitches
Downloaded addictions
Lock up empathy in the storage garage colonies taking over

The king is dead
The jester has fallen
The angels no longer sing
The court has fallen
Rome is dead

The reality is that it no longer exists
We live under the pretense of a sound bite
Give me 30 seconds and I will interpret your beliefs in the world

We are in a jungle fighting the elements

There are no more miracles left in this cracker jack box
Just a silly tattoo 
The same one on millions 
Ants marching one by one
A million person march with no cause

Running now
Running toward that human touch
The last of the love that remains

I’m a dreamer
It’s the only escape from this hamster wheel
So many dreaming it all away
I yearn for a fresh start

No looking back
Follow that setting sun down this empty highway
Follow through the night

Just know
The sun will soon warm the soul 
A new civilization is upon us

For now, I’ll close my eyes and sink into this safe haven

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