Love Letter From the Grave – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

You never get a warning; a signal; a memo written by an angel from the feather of a bird flying toward the heavens

You are never prepared, though born with the knowledge
So finite, so absolute
A removal of a piece of the heart for the one you leave behind

Love is the most beautiful curse
A gift of pain and hurt, but one we never regret 
It stays locked up until the key of birthright finds the guarded box
Then it unlocks an eternal shower of wonder

To find it
Oh, to find it
The rarest and my precious of all gems
It’s the light of a thousand stars
The bed at the end of the rainbow
The perfect pitch of a lullaby

That’s what I found in you
Sent to me
I don’t know how or why, nor do I question
I could only spend each day thanking the spirits for the honor of waking to your smile

That smile was sculpted by patriarch and dreamers
So perfect in all its imperfections 
Humbled to share those lips and get lost in your kiss
A beautiful disaster safe from the storm of life

I felt guilty if i didn’t tell you enough how much I loved you
Ten, twenty, a hundred times a day
Not enough
Not nearly close to the expressive reminders

Baby, I found a home in you and I hope I gave you the strength to continue to love me
But, to also love again
Do not give up on affections and longing
Do not linger on loss
I’m right here

In these words, visual reminders, pictures so expressively colorful of the energy we shared
They will be with you always
With every step, every sunrise, every laugh, every tear
And even with the new love you invite in

This my dear is only a beginning
The past is part of the journey, but the future is a blank page and you are the author

I love you 
When you close your eyes at night, you will hear my voice whispering those words to your soul

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