Imperfections – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Rainy skies
Broken clouds
Damaged upon purchase
A baby cries
An old man dies

A pained heart still beating through the hurt
Bending in the wind
Cracks in the sidewalk
A corner to cry

Transparent in a world so guarded
Behind the walls we hide
Scalded by a flame of existence still searching for meaning

But I’m still holding on
Still holding on
Still holding onto you

Pieces of my soul just disappear
Heaven will find we’re two of a kind
Leaving behind a world so blind
Let’s run, run far far away
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance
Let’s not look back
Dust in the wind as we flee

Crashing down
Crashing down
Crashing down on top of us

She says we’re never going back
Don’t know where we’ve been
Can’t see through the cloud of tomorrow
But its never looked so clear

Starting out when the sun went down
A night light soon to appear
Lighting up the shadows following us to a new future so near

And I love the feeling of missing the sound of my mamas voice
A melancholy moment
Allow me just one; perhaps two, for confusion is the new clarity
Letting it wash away as the rain showers my face while I meditate high above the valley below

We are soldiers, too tired to fight
Weary in the trenches of life
A peace we seek
A journey written in the scribes about you and I

Do you think we have time?
Do you think we have time?

To heal these broken hearts
To sing our song again
To remember to give it time to mend

Its starting to rain
Showered in your love
I can feel the water washing our past away

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