Live Again – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

The soul is a disruption of the heart
It intensifies the emotional roller coaster leading us to the edge of insanity
There is hope to bring peace

A calming storm of the heart
A blissful song for the ages

We have touched the eye of the storm and felt its power penetrate
That is the essence of the soul
A chamber of meaning wrestling with a puzzle
A million pieces
Where to begin to see the final work of art

We live a life to unleash it, but rarely ever live it
A eternal home it seeks
A lifetime in search of definition

Close your eyes
Clear the mechanism

Do you hear the silence; the clarity?
It’s powerfully serene

Find the peace inside to begin again
A journey; rebirth; adventure of the senses

Rewrite the song and let your voice be heard
An audience of one
Too small to be big
Expand the lungs and let the masses in
Sing louder
Find the core of that soul and let the song out for the world to hear
Don’t hold back
It is your song
Your time
Your legacy

The words of your soul will free you to live again

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