An Emotional Affair – Original Poem

Emotional affair

Blueberry fields

A promise in the clouds

A lie bringing us to our knees

A childhood fantasy to live forever


A journey to the clouds

The devil she toys 

A dance in the streets

A song keeping the beat

A shiny circle around your finger

A warm glass of courage to pave a sultry wrath

She speaks soften

So charmed under the silhouette of light

Come with me

Soon you will see

A world so fresh with untapped imagination

You will dream

You will see

How eternal life can be

A deceptive emotional affair

Enticed by the flesh 

So soft, smooth

A curvaceous journey to the swells of arousal 

A invitation to the ball

The honored guest through it all

She is there with the magical smile


One, two, three

Under the spell you will be

A cunning emotional affair it will be 

The devil inside

The devil inside

Feel the temperature rise

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