Dream – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Out here on my own

Alone with my dreams

Awakened by my tears

Stranger to fate

A silhouette yearning for the light

A struggle, a dance, a waning fight

Peeling off the layers

Uncovering the fright

A new form of strength

A mental journey grounded from flight

I know I can see

I know I’ll be free

I just need the crowd in the distance to listen to me

The winos, weirdos, wayward souls

The crazies and misfits staring in the mirror.

Just you and I

A freak show of wanderlust deep in the valley of time

Lost in a jungle singing everything’s fine

I’m black and white, gay and straight.

Angry and sad

Happy in glee

I am woman; manly be

A life unrealized

A life meant to be

Confident in love

Naive and free

Take me back

Guide me forward

Lose me in song

Hold me tight on this cold dark night

Hold me until the clouds run away and open the curtain of light

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