Day One – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Hashtag Day One reset the mechanism

An awakening some may call the new normal

Day one a fresh start

A recipe of new opportunity

New hopes and dreams

A chance to do it right

Wipe away the lies

Lay it out

The truth

The inner soul released

The tyranny is gone

The wicked witch of the West has faded away and all is right in munchkin land

The silent killer is muting away

Fires subsiding to ashes

Are you ready to die we were asked

We screamed no

Today we treat this day like no other

Sunrise; sunset; music in between

Be it our first

Be it our last

We rise to the highest plain

We run to the speed of light

Today is day one

The gospel of self faith can be heard from the heavens

Life goes on said 2Pac

Rest In Peace bro

To those we lost, not forgotten

Never forgotten

The battle cries were heard

We found peace

Let’s learn

Educate the young

Embrace the colors we all bleed

Hug it out with the weapons of compassion

It’s time to heal

Release the anger

Stop looking through the rear view mirror

Day one

Now is the time to love

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