Ten Things I Love About Me – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

I love that my senses are pure.
When I close my eyes and hear the sound of the River, I can feel and taste the refreshing spring water

I love the ideals and fantasized view of love and a world where worth is measured in hugs

I love the freedom of wanderlove. To see and experience cultural experimentation without limits

I love my weirdness. Call me a dork, geek, silly, wallflower, strange but always remember I express my true self

I love minimalism. Truly holding on to what matters. That is priceless

I love my family because they taught me what I didn't want to be yet helped guide where I'm meant to be

I love that I'm still looking for answers

I love every friend, lover, stranger and spiritual force that has entered my life during this journey

I love that I never lost my childhood innocence

I love the gift of words and hope someday, my legacy will be defined with reverence and remembered as a soul that cared

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