People are People – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

People are people wherever you may be
They drink their sorrows away just like you and me

Find meaning in a place called home

Home, a word often misused or played as a disguise in the masquerade

A place of escapism, isolation, buried hope

Can't you see
Can't you see

Mountains, valleys, cities and farms
Languages unknown to the ears but common to the heart

Always connected
Never alone in a world tainted by loneliness

It's a journey
Personal and real
A life realized
So rarely fulfilled

But wait
Step off the mountain
Open your eyes

Find love among friends
Explore love without fear; without regret
The essence of community has risen again
A new order of family
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

People are people
Hearts vulnerable

We all want to climb mountains, but can't get our feet off the ground

It's time to lift
Lift higher than the clouds
Spread the wings of destiny
The chains are broken
A frontier awaits

People are people
But today you will walk through the crowds and not look back

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