Breathe it all in – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Throw away the money
Burn the routine
Put the life unfulfilled on trial
The jury has rendered a verdict


You are hereby sentenced to leave it all behind

A prison of endless possibility awaits

No bars
No chains
Dreams realized
Sunrise a reminder
Sunset reserved for reflection
In between an endless flow of liquid courage getting you drunk on life

You've been a victim of your own crimes
Follow the rules
Live the construct of society
Pay the dues
That's what you've been told
Regret the consequences
Look back at the blank canvas

What have you done
Meaningful paints remain on the pallet unused

No colors
Rainbows blind, leaving emptiness in the sky after the rainfall

Walking away
Walking away
Walking away

Feel the burn
Work through it
Soon a euphoric strength will ensue and you will begin to see the world; the hope; the adventure meant to be

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