The Few – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

The Few

So few have penetrated my wall
So few will be there til I die
So few will build a fortress around my heart
So few sing the song of my life
The music I dance to

Some bring sexy
Some mystery
Make me think
Awaken my identify
A map when I'm lost
A drink when I'm thirsty
Shelter from the cold and darkness

I say prayers to the ones that came before
The heroes silent in their wisdom and comfort
Rejoice in all the emotional gifts they have showered this wandering soul
To the days to come remaining by my side

To the generals and the sage guides
To the knowledge seekers
To the wishes upon a star under the awe of a strange sky

To the few
The friends thick as blood
Savory as wine
A toast to you
The very few
Forever in this life
My mind, body and soul rest upon you

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