My Dying Wish – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing one can ever imagine doing.
But living with hesitation, regret, some manifested hesitancy to avoid the pain of getting hurt is far worse

My dying wish to you is to allow yourself to feel love. It's hard. That ache inside and choke you, but the reward, the reward cannot be measured.

It will make you a better person
For that, you will release an energy so magical, so filled with wonder and imagination

Don't be held back by life's requirements. They contradict our need to dream

Never stop dreaming. Capture every sunrise, every sunset and run after the passions that warm your senses

Capture the moments that matter. Be silly and save it. Be crazy and document it. Someday, you too may have a dying wish and a legacy that will remain. You'll want to share your journey with those you have inspired

Believe in something. Don't let others tell you who or what to believe in, but please believe in something.

Let your heart and soul explore with vulnerability. You will make many mistakes. Some may even lead to something completely special

Remember me. Keep me in your thoughts. I want to be remembered for the good I brought into this world.

My final dying wish. Be happy. Be happy for yourself and all the lives you affect

Each one of you helped me along my path and I will take a small piece of each of you and hold it close forever

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