The Creek – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

We left our innocence in the calm waters
Late nights out at sea
We spoke of love amd found each other losing ourselves down by the creek

So young and infinite
Invincible to it all
But when I fell in love, the walls came tumbling down
I don't regret it at all

Years later, way beyond empty, I look deep within these weary eyes
This old reflection stares back with the sinister laugh of the jester deep inside that reflective soul of mine

Time wrote the narrative
Filled the script with a melody of heartfelt tears and subtle smiles
Casting the part of the young lovers was easy
Prepping for the pain was the part that could not be taught

The letters dripping from the ink
The lasting words that meant so much but fleeted away
The ache of distance
The selfish pride of youth

We argued to show we cared
Looked away when it all seemed clear
Running fast but dreaming you near
What happened that left us standing there alone close but far away

It was hard to find meaningful when we lived so carelessly

Somehow it's time to go back to the creek and find that thing lost so long ago

Wallow no more
Grab the oar, filled the boat with dreams and float away

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