A Future of Light – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

In my hour of darkness I found light in your song
Through the power force of your words a spirit awakened
Drenched in the shower of your love , I felt a rainbow light my soul

The smell of a flower
The touch of the sun
The harmony of the birds
The life force burning inside me
I'm done looking

Everybody's talking about politics and hatred and the demise of all that is good

Everybody's hiding behind their digital fence through stones of words to anyone that feels pain

The war is not out there
It lies within ourselves
Deep in the trenches of the heart a battle rages on
Mental territorial supremacy
Forces on the outside are supplying the weapons
Manipulation, hate, anger, oppressive thought
More powerful than bullets
The troops are weakening, but there is time to win

Win back a life of purpose
With your pens, brushes, ideas, dreams and unlimited capacity to love

We can win amd forge a world for tomorrow filled with light
Eyes wide open
It's time

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