A Reflective Hymn – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

From the concrete jungle of New York to the lakes of Minnesota
Wine in the piazza to the angelic oceanic sunrises of the coast

This journey has been a manifestation of an ideology of discovery

A search for the greater good
A quest for the connective power of positive energy

From the misadventures of the youth to the reflective peace of twilight, I bore witness to life

The hugs, selfies, laughter, crowds, solitude, adventure and misfortune

I witnessed new life and let go of loved ones
Said goodbye, hello and next time

Drank the nectar of a forgotten past
Indulged in a way so few will understand

I heard the whisper of love from the quiet corner in the back of the theater

Fought to hold onto what was never mine

Gave up the material world in hopes of discovering a new one

I drowned in sorrow only to breathe once again

Gave meaning to these words so others may share

Found joy in the mountains and lands far and wide

Saw miracles birthed right before my eyes

Now as I close these eyes and listen to the sounds of water rushing by, I know it is clear

A new beginning will soon be near
Filled with peace and understanding
Imagine that, a world where we feel as one

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