Unexplainable Comfort – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

I can see, though I have no sight
Hear through the silence
Feel through the hate
Learn from the lessons
I can be with this heartbeat
A repetitive soothing mechanism of reason, logic and belief
An orgasm of the senses

Seize this silence moment and think

I wish I were a painter
Perhaps a sculptor
Thus a composer
To create
To visualize an existence bore from the mold of the mind

The cornerstone of all we know
As servants, we are given the tools to define and remember
An archive of the rules of goodness and the punishment of misconduct of the ethical violation of the gift of life

A life defined
A world yearning to be healed

Concrete dreams on satin clouds
It's the fairy tale of childhood that come true with a kiss

Now I am here
Now is my time to serve with the sun as my guide
And by my side is you

I cannot ask for more
You've given all by being here with me
A sacrifice
A sacrifice for love
The great unknown with a twist of unexplainable comfort

Together we can find closure with this small opening

Take me hand and I yours
Feel our energy merge creating a powerful force of positive explosions of the heart

A life explored, defined, educated and rested with purpose

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