On the Frontier – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Just walked off this dirt road
Overalls, working gloves and nothing but time to think

All the farms look the same
Brown picket fences
Cows, chickens, bulls and swine
It's honest work
Fills my tummy and lets me live for another day
Honest folk on the frontier

Got some work buddy?
I'm nameless Joe
I'll work hard for ya
He invites me in

Most days, I feel human
Other times the sound of the coyotes in the backwoods sounds too familiar

No friends for miles
No relationships worth its weight in the gold of the panhandle

Companionship is a rare gift that fades like the wind

Live off the land that abandoned you
Jagged edges on the roadside
Bus stop with no direction home
Take a seat, next stop anywhere

Same faces
Same stories
Same burning sun

Welcome to America
Insert state sign
Pay taxes with blood and sweat
Talk to yourself to feel alive
Breathe in one more night
Keep a knife by your side

It's a state of being
To be known
To exist

Pray under the light of a clear night sky
To be remembered before ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

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