It’s Now and It’s Spectacular – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

In the moonlight
The starlight
The clouds up above
Rose petals falling from the sky
This air is releasing a natural high

Heaven knows I've never felt better than I do right now
Nature's song vast and so pure
Reprieve from the toxins polluting my mind
I'm beginning to notice the things I thought I couldn't see

A forced subconscious blindness
Hoping, praying, pleading for it to go away
An isolation from the collective insanity packaged in marketing slogans and lies

It was nice to know you, but goodbye for now
In fact, goodbye forever.

Now I listen to the music Illuminating my safe place
Angels singing harmony with Eddie and Chris

Just what I've been waiting for
Peaceful pleasure

The origins cleansed and pure
The now
This is the now
The beautiful chaos that is now
Real, spontaneous, unrehearsed and forever etched in time

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