Oh my sweet Carolina – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Laying on the docks dreaming my
life away as a gold soak demon darkens my troubles away

She a beautiful creature golden and sweet
A sexy powerful force with only a tickle of shade in her way
The aqua blue ocean sparkle in her eyes
Lips so red, danger can only be near
Legs wrapped around your soul so tight you can hardly breathe
She bites and stings and kisses it all away
Whisper sweet nothings and destroys your world like a hurricane
That is Carolina; a dream, a mystery and blur so close but thousands of miles away

She'll make promises and laugh them away
Crush your heart and drink your sorrows away
She knows your weakness; desire and dreams
Smiles and waves her hips and says look, "welcome to where the summer days never end and intimacy is your only friend"

"Here's a beach, a boat, my glistening skin exposed for all the boys to see"

Oh my sweet Carolina
Mischievous devil in a tight red bikini
A coastal dream who curves in just the right way and soaks your body as it crashes and pierces it's forceful wave your way

The sun sets in the ocean distance
A breezes teases the humid air like a clown in a traveling circus

Sweat drips down her chest
She knows you are looking
She knows everything in those thoughts

Oh my sweet Carolina
The hold on me
Captured and raw
Deep and impure

A paradise found
A moral conundrum

Oh my sweet Carolina, what have I done

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