Southern Kisses – Original Poem

Mark A. Leon

Bring me Southern kisses under the moonlight hidden away by the pier

Let me feel your heartbeat racing to the finish line of this love affair

I've never been to Heaven, but I feel at home right here

In the darkness, you illuminate with the passion in your stare

In the wake of a Southern breeze my senses chill longing for the shelter your hold brings so near

In the distance I hear our song. Revolutions spinning like the moon and the sun far up in the clear

Soon I'll wake from this dream we have found to see you once again lying in my arms without a sound

My path is clear
This journey so defined
A purpose so long sought has hit me without a sign

Blindness is cursed
Now I see a love so pure

I hear the giggle of Cupid amd that cherubic grin
Fading in the distance never to disappear

Close your eyes and let me guide you near as we exchange Southern kisses until the sun should reappear

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