Shattered – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Is there a sense of urgency?
Has this fragile life been shattered?
Too late to pick up the frailed glass edges?
Too late to turn around?
The universe is standing still
No movement left to reach beyond the stars
All is lost, yet we've only begun to be found

Every foolish dream
Never left behind
Every time I stumble
You pick up the pieces
Every time it shatters, we walk through the jagged glass
Bleeding with the sweat of the courage we once knew
The songs powered us to pursue
Now we are afraid to be afraid

There's nothing we can do
So much left to say
Fears to be gay
Turns the smiles away

So profound
Maybe just empty
Nothing new is born
Recycled truths of lies remain
Rewind the tape
Play the old song that cried our youth away

Drowning in the bourbon soaked ashes
Can't find the past
Clouded in the vision of a future of emptiness
It's all nonsense
Screaming, multiplying, transforming, unoriginal, biased nonsense

I hate you
I hate me
Love shattered
Sing me off this sinking stage

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