I Stand Alone – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

This is what its like to be alone
Surrounded by strangers wanting to be you
The emptiness never exposed to the crowds
Inside a kingdom
Captive and misled

Every night
The lights, spectacles, the crowds
Yet, in the center of it all, I still stand alone

When I close my eyes, I see all the colors inside this darkness
A Superman in a world of mortals
Flesh and blood
Vulnerable and weakened by the dream
Powered by the illusion of the rainbow
A pot of Gold
An immortal home facing in the wrong direction

There was a time my world was filled with nothing but darkness

In the darkness you all saw articulate light strengthened by the persuasive power in these eyes

A morning fog numbed the sunlight
A calming ease into a new day
A break from the fantasy world of the darkness waiting patiently nearby

A bird in the distance sings to its mate
Brush of cars filled with strangers passing by
Currents brush the gentle sands of time
Coffee fills the soul one sip at a time
Breathing is as clear as the blue sky
The sounds of nature quench the thirst inside

For nowin this moment
I am not alone

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