Change the World – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon  

I could change the world one song at a time
One light in a moment of darkness
One open ear in a society turned deaf to the masses
One frame capturing pure joy in a backdrop of perceived madness
One line showered with words of confidence and support
A hug that knows no distance
A warm embrace melting the frozen tundra

I could change the world

la pace

200 languages
One world
One humanity
One goal

Foster a peace of love to a stranger
Pass it on
One heart multiplies to billions
Picture it
Millions of hearts floating above the crisp blue ocean waters dancing their way in union toward the sunlight

I could change the world
We can change the world

Take a picture with a smile
Lend a hand to those that have fallen from grace
Give a name to the nameless
Open your arms when all signs say closed
Turn the light on when a lost soul cannot see
Give a blanket to those shivering in the streets

We can change the world

It's in the courage of those that can that possess the strength to lift those that can't

A birthright
Do good
Script a life of meaning
Penetrate and heal
Find humor and laughter when all seems grim
Sprinkle it with hope until the glitter sinks in

We can if we try
We cannot stand by

We can change the world

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