Meditation – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon  

I closed my eyes and found myself spiraling down a circular tunnel

All the weariness subsided.
The heavy burden of life's woes weighed down these beaten eyes

But now all is calm
Weightless in this meditative utopia

Infractions of light illuminate my mind
Ideas at rest
Thoughts hibernate if for just a moment
I was blinded by the ligh, but now I can see
See through the mountains and seas
See beyond the realm of dimension

All at sea
No island
No land
Swimming so freely

Water to cleanse
Sunlight to warmth
Birds to harmonize
Fish to feed
Stars, stars, stars for all eternity waiting patiently for natures light to dimmer

In this state, the flaws are beautiful
True self revealed
An imperfection of purity
Each soul revealing a journey ignited by a spark and soon blown out by the wind

Every wrinkle a story
Every breath, a lifeline

No heroes
No villains
No criminals
No heathens
No definition just be

When lovers are strangers to the heart
When a celebration is a rebirth of the tenderness we once knew
When these 3 chords awaken the angels
When harmony is felt in the laughter of a new face unknown but still so familiar

I hear the words of dead poets continuing to fight for the unification of all colors

Time in a bottle
Take a piece of my heart

Fate will see
Fate always has a way to take our hands and guide us into the enchanted forest

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