Goodnight Gentle Giant – Original Poem (Inspired by the passing of Coach Fincken)

By Mark A Leon 

Growing up in the rolling hills blessed with the surroundings of community, life was a storybook romance of small town America

We had dreams, but for so many, dreams became a prison
Wasted opportunity for those that could not move forward

When the moment cries silently for hope, a quiet force is sent down from the heavens to inspire a fury of hope with gentle persuasion

We were gifted such a presence
Coach Fincken was a man above men
A coach to some, a nurturing spirit to generations

A father figure
A warm guided wind of change
A challenge to our limits
A respectful giant among men
An inspirational Angel that remains throughout your days

Such a man touched a community
Far deeper than the fundamentals of basketball, he saw beneath what we could not see ourselves

He remained in our hearts long after the final buzzer

He continued to teach though we could not hear him

We all had stories over the years that came together with a common thread; our gentle giant

From the all-star to the bench, we were equal in his eyes

Feared my most; loved by all

Years have passed since his words inspired us to aim for bigger dreams, but his lessons hold a special place in the core of the soul

Some have been fortunate to have them offspring share in the wisdom

R.I.P. Gentle Giant
Our coach
Our mentor
Our Chief

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