Discovery – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Never stop exploring
That's what it read
A simple phrase
A way of life
A mantra of self-discovery

Are we all born with this hunger that rages war against fear?

Perhaps engulfed by the risk of the unknown to hide in the security of the womb

Never stop exploring
Find a way never marked by footsteps in the past
Bless each journey with safety under the stars
Let the unknown inspire the road ahead

You will make babies
Sing hymns
Connect with your surroundings
Share in rituals of the clan
You will someday live for the life of another putting selflessness above all
You will find comfort in the simple repetitions
And rejoice in tradition
Each sunrise a reminder of the last
Each sunset a spot of tea
Each holiday, one more sign, a little less time
Each toast a fondness for each other so fine

For now
Let heartbreak guide line the wind
Let mistakes strengthen your will
Let your soul find deeper meaning
Let the darkness allow you to find your own light

Never stop exploring

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