Time – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Tick tock
Drip drop
A villain of a beautiful life
A guide

Tick tock
Training wheels
Tick Tock
Virginity surrendered
Tick tock
Love found
Tick tock
New life
Tick tock
Tick tock
A life discovered
Tick tock
A legacy left behind
Tick tock

Along the way we learn to live

Not owned
Nor borrowed
Stolen or rented
Time is a magic trick when none of us know the illusion
One minute it is there clear as a blue sky morning
Then gone
A passenger to the darkness

As magical as a rainbow
So precise
So exact
Never deviating
Never wrong

So expensive; yet without cost
A gift for all, yet priceless
A constant
A constant reminder

Be true to time
Treat it gently with respect and reverence

Time heals
Time wounds
Time takes away
Time gives

Tick tock
Don't hold on too tight
It will break your heart but it always stops the tears

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