From Womb to Change – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

These are the days we look for miracles and wonder

These are the days we awaken from a deep sleep and realize it isnt our world to take advantage of

The desserts, oceans, trees, flowers, waterfalls all breathing for a sensibility of understanding

We are wasting away drowning in the waste we have tossed aside

No time to cry
No blame to be passed
No isolation for responsibility
No blindness to the light
No rights or wrongs
No entry restricted
We all belong
No language, but love
No disease to prenetrate the unbreakable soul

The air is free, but some opinions are not meant to be

Destroy the hate in a giant burning man ritual viewed by audiences in the cosmos

Insist on change
In an age of irrationality, be that voice of reason
Insane reason disrupting all we know

It's time to bet on us
The robots may be winning
Stronger, faster, without feeling but lack the one thing that sets us apart
Heart to believe the unbelievable is possible
Heart to inspire a strength undiscovered

Unplug the negativity
Connect to the positive light that bore, nurtured amd guided us from the womb to peace

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