Ciao Bella – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

In the blink of an eye there you stood
I, nothing more than a figment of your surroundings
A clouded face among many
A distraction in your mission

You awakened me from a dream I have had of you all my life

A romantic novel
A script of a life wrought with purposeful love
There you stood
The harmony to accompany these lonely lyrics
I can hear it now played by an orchestra of angels

Still, I stand frozen

Walk to her
Destiny has prewritten this in the stars
Meant to be
Just walk

Still the voices inside of me scream
Hold back
It's not meant to be

Why must I lose faith in me?

I've played out our life together
What a wonderful life it would be
Laughter amd adventure
Quiet nights by the sea
Each kiss a gift wrapped up so beautifully

The courage is growing stronger
The will is caressing me
Soon I will be one step closer to the story of you and me

Here I come
Feel our energies infuse these two hearts
I'm choked up inside, but calm just the same

Here goes nothing and everything
Ciao Bella

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