I’m mad about you baby – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

I'm mad about you baby
High in the sky
Above the clouds
A front row seat to the horizon
The dawn has broken
A line of orange breaks through
Take my hand
Fly away with me

I'm mad about you baby
You sing country song lullabies
And make silly faces that make me laugh until I cry
You dance in a bed of sunflowers
As free as a butterfly

I'm mad about you baby
You'll quote cartoons at a funeral
Play silly love songs when it rains
Find goodness in the middle of a battle
Love an orphan, a stranger, anyone
Just so they can feel the warmth of another

I'm mad about you baby
You're the key to my key lime pie
The morning sparrow perched on a limb outside my window
The sculpture at the centerpiece of a gallery opening
The masterpiece I don't deserve

I'm made about you baby
You are forever perfect
An orchestral extravaganza
A merry go round of smiles
A sweet treat to tickle the senses of life

I'm mad about you baby and I don't want to find a cure

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