Those Summer Nights (First Time) – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Those summer nights all alone
You, me, a bottle of Strawberry Hill, a millions stars and our dreams

We spoke about seeing the world
Running as fast as we can
Never looking back
But right now, your eyes reflecting the moonlight is all I want to know

In those eyes, I could travel the world and beyond but always want to be back in those arms which is everything I need to know

A teenage buzz
The monotony of innocence
A safe harbor
A playful time
It's easy to never grow up when my nights are frozen in time

Never say goodbye on the boom box
Words never so strong
Never so meaningful
The touch of your panties
The curve of your body
These uncontrollable urges to be lost inside of you

The forbiddenness of that white lace bra I could visualize through your white tee-shirt is within reach

Cuppling the soft curves of your warm breast
Tonight is the beginning of forever

Lifting the skirt and the gentle squeeze of your soft thighs
Pom poms at rest
The final whistle blown

To be inside your mind, body and soul pledging our lives to a greater unknown

This cheap wine is working
These games we play
So real, so gay
Its turning this horny teen into a romantic with a vision of a place for us for all eternity

Another sip
Another confession
A toast to us
A shooting star lights up the night sky

We giggle
Everything I Do, I'll Do It For You chimes in
We sing along
Is this our song?
The culmination of this teenage romance
This teenage obsession

What are we doing?
If we knew, this wouldn't feel so wrong and right at the same time

Are we too young?
Is this forbidden in a town wrought with conservation?
I love you
I think I love you
You're beautiful
I think you're the most beautiful girl ever, but I don't know

Insecurities just took over
Another sip
Heck a chug
I feel nothing
I feel everything

In this field, on these summer nights, we escaped to be engulfed by it all

I'm scared
I'm scared of causing you sorrow or pain
I'm scared the laughter and smile will go away
I'm scared for someday
But when I see your smile, all that fear goes away

Our lips meet
Wet, soft
With a touch for strawberry
Tongue to heart

Heaven isn't too far away plays from our mix
Poetic timing
Poetic permission

To my love, the final sip
Now spin the bottle
Where it lands, fate will decide

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