Worn Out – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

It wears me out
It wears me out
It wears me out

Being who they want me to be
Expect me to be
Built on a pedestal of lies
Fabricated images of a utopian happiness built by con artists

I'm so lonely yet never alone
I'm so dazed yet always focused on the clarity of my surroundings
I'm deaf but the music in my head never stops

I'm climbing a tree of thorns just to reach the rose above the clouds getting cut and bleeding along the way

I need a place where everything is better
Everything is safe
Everything has its space
Meaningful disconnect
A birdeye view of a microcosm of universal existence
Finite matter in a rhetorical infinite plane

A measurement of honor that rewards dishonor
The written word of truth in a spoken word of lies
A view from the top while losing all perspective below

A woman, a star, an icon surrounded and revered by millions sits alone in the dark anxious to the realization of loneliness

A man whose circle of friends amounts to two is rich in the wealth of love

A journeyman sees the world one step at a time while a mother sees meaning in the eyes of a newborn

A writer documents what we are all so afraid to say aloud

The slave works in isolation handcuffed to a desk being serenaded by programming code

The liar has told his last lie

The dreamers drink away the rejection of their ideals

Is it written in stars what we will become?
Or are we on a journey of discovery?

Done thinking
The sounds get quieter with the dimmer of the suns light

Sounds fade to black
Time to think
Another day awaits most of us

Tomorrow I will try again to not get worn out by this game now drowning in faceless players

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