Graced – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

My Lord, I've been graced by the kiss of sunlight
A vision when all was lost
Clarity in a cloud of translucence
It took one glance
One hypnotic look into her eyes
One silent stare and my ship came home to stay
No more running for rebirth or meaning

I want to wake up in those arms
Naked skin tickling the senses
Erotic thoughts a pillow away
Dreams shared
Fantasies revealed
A new chapter being written

The final missing puzzle piece found

Ah Bella
My Bella
My saving grace
A truth so real
A lifetime to reveal

So many misses meaningless with merit
Nothing but a future story to share
So many have made the list
So few remain in my memories

Now, all has changed
The days a little longer
The green a bit greener
The sun brighter
Your love more intoxicating

I'm drunk on your touch
Weakness in the knees
Lost control of my senses
Graced by your aura
Angelic and pure
A purity packaged in Heaven
Seal unbroken

The water has settled
The touch of your land so soft and comforting
I am home
My pilgrimage is complete
By the grace of God

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