Build a Bridge – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Build a bridge over these troubled waters
Let us part no more
A world separated by the harsh waves
A powerful push from the forces of the moon
A puppeteer filled with anger
An audience distanced by fear
The blues and greens tease in their beauty
The infinite depth a reminder it serves as a grave to millions
Every crash of the waves a prayer for the dead
Every calmness a memorial service

Surfers challenge its rank
Sailers bow in servitude
Lighthouses hold guard with glimmers in the night sky

Let us begin to close the gap
A beam of wood
A brick
A miracle of love

She rages from down below
The roar of the sky and water colliding
The damp face of despair
The inviting hint of an eternal resting place
Preserved for all eternity

Drink the water from my hand
She invites from deep below this cliff
Don't look down
Don't look down
It's an inviting misfortune

Look at me
Distance does not exist
Gravity is a myth
Let's build this bridge
Blood, sweat, love
Together we will dry the tears and calm the waters and soon our steps will move mountains and our embrace will rise above the waves

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