My Own Private Utopia – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Sitting among the angels
Drinking the blood of god and laughing at the world all around
A sinful delicacy of the senses
A jesterly depiction of the tragic comedy that is life

This is my own private utopia

All the voices are my own
Filled with passion and confusion
Chin up
They mean well
Questioning purpose and all those important milestones along the way
Those silly bullies camping in the subconscious
It's okay
Keep playing your silly little games
It's a slow burn, but you won't penetrate my own private utopia

I miss being inside
The warmth of intimate coexistence
I dream of it every night
Dream in colors and black and white
Dream in languages I do not know
Places I have not been
Earthly souls I have not met

Strangers come and go
I'd invite you in, but you won't stay
You never do
You make promises in jest but vanish with the wind
You'll then be a memory in a song or a fantasy
Just walk away
Don't look back
Just walk away

I'll be fine in my own private utopia
I'm here, tears are dry
Crying is just a lullaby to put me to sleep

It's comforting here
Safe under the sheets
Free from the destructive elements of vulnerability

I'm gonna go now
Back to my own private utopia

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