Caffeinated Dream – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

An addiction to breathe
An urge to sing
A rush of the heart
A preemptive start

Thoughts racing faster than the speed of light
Can't stop the soul
Can't slow down the fight

Beating faster
A cigarette to calm the nerves
Turn the page
Flaubert or perhaps Dickens
Oh, the classics they still inspire

The romantics
Those tragic fools
They promised us love with each passing generation
A comedic twist to the greater truth

Feed the addiction with the liquid fuel
Sizzling and free
Giggling with glee
Dark and rich
Thick and strong
Powerful, yet light as the wind

A penetrating force imprisoning us all
A mental chain suffocating our liberalism
Ironic twist like a rose with millions of thorns

Excuse me beautiful maiden catering to my needs
May you be so kind to ask the devil behind the counter for another?
She abilges
A waitress born from the heathens
A kind eyes
Secret smile
She brings another

The clouds part
The fiery ball in the cosmos reigns it's perfectly measured burning heat
Don't wake me from this caffeinated dream

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