Destiny – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

The inscription said "destiny"
A locket
Perfectly Intact
Not a scratch
Inside, two of the most beautiful people to ever walk this Earth protected for all eternity
A story carried down through time
Mystery unresolved

The word keeps playing in my head like a harmony on a broken record
Over and over and over again

What became of them
Did fate give them permission to be together or tear them apart due to a tragedy of nature?

Did the ocean where we discovered this treasure swallow their love alive?

Their story has become an obsession
A storyboard for the greatest romance of all time or a Shakespearean tragedy

It does not judge giving good and bad equally in a twisted game of randomness

Perhaps they are together now
Two souls leaping through the universe with glee

Perhaps true destiny painted a different canvas
An unexpected blend of color and texture

Destiny the inscription said protecting a love that belongs now to the sea.

With a toss into the windy breeze, the waves grab the locket

It's now time to walk away

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