Keep the Candle Burning – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Put a candle on in the window because I'm coming home to you tonight

In the darkness, and the fog and the shadows hovering just out of sight, I'll fight to see that beautiful smile waiting by the light

I've been gone too long
I somehow lost my vision like a bird tied to a strong like a kite fighting to break through the clouds and be free in flight

My traveling days may be done but I'm only just beginning to discover you

I'm writing this letter to you letting you know time will tell
The winters will be cold
But the nights no longer an empty shell
I'll warm you as our hearts align in a deep comforting embrace
Two hearts become one
I'll be home in your arms

It took a long time to find meaning when I didn't know what I sought

A mixed up mind guided by the heart but weakened by the soul lost and alone

I can finally unwrap the gift of love
Written for so long
A yearning unfulfilled
So many words
So little said
A romaticized fable of a life I scripted in fiction; dreamed in reality

It's now coming the screen in a spell of cinematic magic

Soon our worlds will collide under the guidance of a single light

Leave the candle burning bright
With your love, let it shine throughout the night
For soon I'll be home, forever, but for now, with you tonight

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